MULTIPLIER EFFECT PASAR DAERAH TERHADAP PENGEMBANGAN EKONOMI WILAYAH (Studi Kasus di Lingkup Wilayah Pasar Gempol Kab. Pasuruan Prop. Jawa Timur)


  • Sri Muljaningsih Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis, Universitas Brawijaya



The existence of market is able to give multiplier effect towards the community economyand the economic development of the region. Supported by infrastructure, as trans-port facilities like road and travel mode, moreover strategic location in a sense of theexistence of  this market, has high accessibility. This  is  identified by  the road net-works that connected intercity/the territory with the location of this market. Appro-priately the function of the market is linked with trade and the other field related likethe agriculture and non agriculture industries. However to determine the policy strat-egy of market function development, not only based on economic based models (LQ& Shift-Share), there are inputs of   multiplier effect analysis, but must also be sup-ported by the SWOT analysis that give consideration of the strength, the weakness,opportunity  and  the  threat  that  is  influenced  by  the  internal  and  external  factor.Majority of the people at Pasuruan Municipal in agricultural sector, so agribusinesscan accelerated community economic growth as well as the region growth Howeverthe agribusiness sector need market in the strategic location and supported by infra-structure.

Keywords: market, economic based, multiplier effect, transportation, agribusiness