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Terrie Cason

Bio Statement Since 1997 We Were Proposing Best Price Indonesia Furniture By Posteak Since 1997 we were imparting Respectable high-end Solid Teak Furniture wood Indonesia furniture for indoor and outdoor living furniture. It all begin with the outstanding arms of local craftsmanship in Jepara, Indonesia. Start from small warehouse of Manufacturing today we boost our factory and expand our market into each continent Overseas Posteak® are very concern on Quality of every furniture that we produce. Every portions of product are checked with our high standard quality Strategies Experience, commitment of hard working, and presence to serve is what driven us to give greatest quality furniture for each our customers. What we do is deliver our value to turn out to be your strategic business partner on furniture industry. Posteak Furniture is well-established Indonesia furniture manufacturer and exporter with good management and quality Handle which provide you with broad degrees of forged wood furniture, from outdoor furniture and indoor furniture. The mixture of craftsmanship and development manufacturing become our legal responsibility value to export furniture World wide Our studies on quality and construction has growing the essence to create lifetime furniture products and sustainable business. Years to years we are capable to create and innovate our furniture through research and construction in manufacturing in order to pursuing Exhibit traits and customer needs.