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Before the very first simplest machine was born, the screw, the bolt, and nuts surely existed for a while. They may be so small but the role they play in industrial is extremely big. Every machine parts, mechanical equipment needs them to put it together. These nuts have to fasten tight enough to make sure they will no unfasten during movement so that giving a lot of difficulties when a tire needs to change. People used to put a lot of strength, effort, time by a traditional wrench to handle stained and rusty lug nuts or even damage the screw head that leaves a lot of difficulties for next disassembling. Visit us at

The impact wrench is invented to make life easier. An impact wrench can be powered by air or condensed air, electric and battery. It creates both rotational torque and short-burst concussive impacts to deliver an extreme amount of power to remove frozen nuts or bolt. In fact, an impact wrench can be used both to assemble and disassemble, especially in the car industry. Users can find a portable version for a DIY project or roadside tire-changing by them soft, some models are light, easy to manipulate even suitable for a lady. If you want to find out more about impact wrench, visit us at