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by Jamison Duffy (2020-10-20)

Casino Pearl - Information About the Casino Pearl

Casino pearl is quite a pretty and tall as a pearl regardless of being only a pearl from form. His hair is black and his face is just like an ordinary set but has a bigger nose compared to many others of the identical dimensions and a more jaw. He has a big round diamond on the center of his brow and in addition to his left ear, and which resembles a crown. His eyes are black and possess a thin nose that goes around and over his anus.

He's got a large bead on his forehead and at the top of the left ear, which resembles a crown. His lips are pink and thin and they are quite shaped like a cherry. He also wears a red shirt with a dark brown tie and light brown trousers. His skin has a greasy texture . however, it isn't too oily so that it will stick to his clothes. His sneakers are white with pointed toes and he has a large gold watch on his wrist. There's absolutely no indication of his birth date . The only thing he has on his shirt is the insignia of this casino which represents him as a member.

Casino Pearl's real name is Kenji. Kenji functions in the casino and is among the workers that operating in a group. Among his most favourite things to do would be playing in the casino. Kenji is a old-fashioned individual that likes to appreciate his life in the casino. He is always happy and smiling, even though he has been told to go home and enjoy his daily meals.

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