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The craziest beards and mustaches revealed in national championships

by Kayleigh Mawson (2020-09-26)

Who says that facial hair has to be boring?

Gentlemen have fashioned their bristles into windmills, stars, horns, lavish circles and even decorated them with peacock feathers as they push hair-fashion to the max.
Some even turned their whiskers to match Lord of the Rings wizard Gandalf and the beards sported by garden gnomes. 

The growths, some more than 14 inches long, were revealed at the National Beard and Moustache Championships held in Chicago.

Photographer Greg Anderson, 44, from Las Vegas, captured each contestants entry at the competition before announcing the winners on his website. 

'It's a personal project that I love doing every year because of all of the people involved, some of which I've known now since the first event I shot in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2013', he said.


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'All of the character, designs and styles never disappoint and it's the most fun I have all year on a photoshoot. I plan on continuing indefinitely and gathering more material with the goal of putting out a book at some point in the future.

It's exciting to see the images make their way around the globe.

'The crazier the design the better, in my book -I love all of the outrageous styles the most, they're kind of like my children, I can't pick favorites.'

Contestants pay $30 to enter and compete in several categories including Craft Beard, Full Beard, full beard without mustache Moustache, and overall show winners.

Gentlemen sported fashionable and unique beard designs for the National Beard and Moustache Championships held in Chicago, US.

(Above) Contestant MJ Johnson shows off his whiskers that appear to have been fashioned into two horns

Turning up for the competition this month that is like a two-day party, Anthony Carty went for the windmill look with his beard while Lucio Battista took inspiration from peacocks and budgerigars by fashioning their feathers into his facial hair and suit

Facial hair enthusiasts Jason Kiley, left, and Joe Farrell, right, turned their whiskers into looping circles and swirls which gave them the out-of-this-world beard look

Photographer Greg Anderson, 44, from Las Vegas, captured the contestants.

Dan Lawlor, left, gelled his beard into thin circles with shapes in the middle while Patrick Fette, right, straightened his mustache into a line that appeared to be at least 14 inches long

Greg described the event as like a 'two-day party' and said it his seventh year photographing the contestants.

Above is Garey Faulkner, left, who fashioned his beard into swirls, and Michael Coleman, right, who channelled the Davy Jones look from Pirates of the Caribbean

Beard fashionista Greg Schoenwolf appeared to try and explain the path of a shooting star with his trimmed beard

Contestants Jimmy Story, left, and Mamie Johnson, right, went for a Dia de los Muertos look with their beards

John Banks made swirls with his beard, left, and twinned it with a green mohawk while Gandhi Jones, right, fashioned the appearance of a second person on the back of his head 

Movie fans also took part in the contest with one taking on the looks of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings while a second, Don Darnell, donned the clothing and facial hair of a garden gnome

Contestant James McMahon, left, styled his beard into a single formation (left). Red alert!

Bill Petersen twinned his beard and mustache with a tuft of hair on his head (right)

Dennis Gregory donned purple clothes and silver chains with his trimmed beard (left). Mane event!

Hal Metzler showed off his curtain-like beard, which was perfectly combed for the occasion (right)