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Top 10 Best Mattress In India (The 2020 Checklist For A Comforting Sleep)

by Mellissa Mooney (2020-09-19)

In-gel mattresses, the gel is usually added to a foam mattress in the support system or the upper layer. As you can see, the Wakefit Orthopaedic memory foam mattress does not even come close to justify the use of the word "orthopaedic" in its name as it clearly does not support the parts of your body that jut out - your shoulders and your hips - something that memory foam mattresses are designed to - let alone actual, de facto orthopedic mattresses, which exist to provide your spine the optimal amount of support. As you can you, there is a decent amount of give in the mattress, but we have come to expect the same with all memory foam mattresses. Then they all rated the level of firmness from 1 to 10, with 1 being overly soft and 10 being the hardest mattress they have ever come across. We have to give Wakefit the benefit of doubt as our earlier experience was much better than this one as this mattress box arrived in an abysmal state - the box looked like as though it had been dropped by the lorry it was being transported in and then ran over by the same lorry - yes it was that bad.

We were so willing to suspend all of our reason and rationality to believe that the company - that in its first round of funding raked in Rs 65 crore for 31 percent stake to buy basic machinery to prop up its hugely inadequate R&D and innovation capabilities - could give behemoths like Emma a bloody nose, but alas, we did not get what we wanted, as even after over 15 different iterations of the same mattress, it is still very much ‘a work in progress’. It is the first Indian company to launch this idea from the Amazon Launchpad. On to the weight test (below) we went and we brought out our trusty old 15kg medicine ball and 20kg kettlebell to test how the mattress would react to a large amount of pressure applied over a smaller area, as when we put our knee first on the mattress as we climb up on the bed, and over a larger surface area - as is the case when we sit down, respectively.

To get a balanced take on the firmness, we brought back our old friends (four male, five females, ranging from 45 to 102 kgs in weight) and made them have a lie down. Don’t get us wrong, we would still rate its firmness more towards medium than soft, but we expected it to be somewhere between medium and hard. However, for more efficiency, you can also add a little bit of liquid soap in it. Apart from being inexpensive, this mattress requires little space when they aren’t in use. You can simply invest in these mattress protectors that will save your mattresses from such stains and many more such things which decrease the life of your mattress! Our final test involved a spinal alignment test where we brought out our trusty laser light to show how supportive the mattress is - the straighter the spinal alignment, the more ideal the sleeping posture is.



To judge how the Wakefit Orthopaedic coped with motion transfer, our team members brought in their partners and were instructed to do whatever they could to bounce their partners off the bed. The R&D team at Wakefit was not simply being ‘creative’ with the unorthodox placement of the cold foam - it does a decent job but the trade - off in body alignment is something that, wakefit google reviews given the choice, we definitely would not have settled for. Memory Foam and normal Foam mattresses work great as they provide adequate body support to reduce back pain. Note:- It takes time for your body to become accustomed to the proper support and pressure relief that memory foam mattress provides. Gel Memory Foam Mattress: Gel memory foam is manufactured to pass through as much heat as possible from the bedding side to outer layers of the mattress. While it may seem a bit easier to just jump on the mattress and test it in the store to decide which one is better, best mattress in india ordering online is much easier.

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Jun 13, 2020 -

It is a much more durable product than a coir & cotton mattress. I am using this mattress for more than 2 years now, the quality of the mattress is really good, no wear and tear, still in the same shape as was in new condition. Moderately high durability lasts at least 8-years and can go more than ten years based on compression level. As we already mentioned - we removed our earlier review from our blog and decided to be a bit more thorough with our Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam tests as our leader’s throne had been upended by the Emma Original and we wanted to give our old friends a fair shot. Wakefit has well and truly found its footing in the Indian market, thanks primarily to the company’s product pricing strategy and it continues to offer one of, if not the, cheapest memory foam mattress that you can buy in India. Upshot - the Wakefit Orthopaedic finally found its real forte! But we have had to rewrite our Wakefit ‘Orthopaedic Memory Foam’ mattress review after testing, which in our eyes is now is the only mattress that truly deserves our coveted best mattress title - the Emma Original, as - and it pains us to say this - it simply cannot hold a candle to the competition.

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