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How To Edit The Yahoo Toolbar

by Lynne Lawyer (2020-09-10)

How to Edit the Yahoo Toolbar

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The Yahoo Toolbar, compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer Web browsers, permits access to several Yahoo functions, such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search and Yahoo Finance. Yahoo provides several options for editing the toolbar, including adding and removing apps, changing its skin and modifying your basic preferences. You can edit your Yahoo Toolbar via its user interface, selecting which parameters and features you will change.

Apps and Layout

Click the Yahoo Toolbar settings icon, represented by a gear, and select “Edit Your Apps.” A series of application icons will appear in the Toolbar Settings window.


Click “Add Apps” to remove, rearrange or add an application to your Yahoo Toolbar. App categories include News Sections, Search Tools and Sports.


Click the icon representing the app you want to add to your Yahoo Toolbar.


Hover the cursor over the icon of an app in the My Apps heading and click the red “X” to remove it from the Yahoo Toolbar.


Change the position of an app on your toolbar by hovering the cursor over its icon, clicking and dragging it to your desired position.


Click the Yahoo Toolbar settings icon and select “Change Toolbar Skin” to change your tool bar’s skin.


Check the “Use default settings” box to choose the default Yahoo Toolbar skin.


Check the “Pick my own skin” box to select a Yahoo Toolbar skin. Yahoo Toolbar skins include country flags, sports themes and finance.


Check the “No Skin” box to remove the skin from your Yahoo Toolbar.

Basic Preferences

Click the Yahoo Toolbar settings icon.


Select “Toolbar Preferences” from the toolbar settings drop-down menu to change your basic tool bar preferences.


Check the box beside your desired preferences. Basic preferences include Enable Feature Tips, Show Text Labels for Each App, Show Add Apps Button, Enable YMail Single Instance and Enable the 404 Assistant. YMail Single Instance increases the navigation speed to your Yahoo Mail account. The 404 Assistant provides options and a Yahoo Powered search box when you encounter a 404-error message in your browser window.

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