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by willam princy (2019-02-02)

What this does is it kicks Panalean Review your body's metabolism into gear - that is the metabolism of fat. To give you an idea how this works, let's illustrate it. One of our liver's main jobs is to convert stored fat into energy. And since the liver operates closely with the kidneys, if the kidneys don't receive as much water that it needs to perform its job, our liver shifts into high gear work to compensate for the kidneys not functioning well. This in turn makes the liver pay less attention to its job of quickly metabolizing fat, and instead stores it. That's why it's important to drink water as frequently as possible, and as soon as you get up in the morning. Not only does it help you to shed those pounds, but it washes out all the impurities of your body, flushes retained water because it's getting all that it needs, plus it provides beautiful skin and well-hydrated muscles-good for exercising. A low calorie vegetarian diet is actually the best one to go with for this. Start with a diet of fruit and vegetables for 10 days. It's a great way to cleanse the body of its toxins, improve energy, and of course, lose the pounds. Then you can follow up with a Paleo-style diet. Basically, you eat natural and unprocessed food - lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetable, and nuts. Stay away from starches and refined sugars. Better yet, consult your doctor for the best diet plan to shed those pounds real quick.