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Christmas Letters From Santa

by princy william (2018-12-22)

That most wonderful time of Christmas Letters From Santa Review year, Christmas, will soon be here, conjuring up images of red Santa suits, sprawling long white beards, sleighs, green elves, reindeers and angels galore. For the masses who are throwing a traditional Christmas fancy dress party this year, your preparations will no doubt be in full swing. There is so much choice with festive costumes that it's difficult sometimes to decide which one to go for so let's take a look at some beautiful Christmas costume classics.Elf: That much-loved film Elf is the reason why the Santa's little helper elf costume has soared in popularity. The outfit consists of trousers, jacket and an elf hat in christmas green and red colours. Add some elf slippers to finish off and, if you look around, you may find some that even have bells on. An ideal comfortable costume to wear for both kiddies and adults makes this a popular choice.Reindeer: Our children's love affair with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is everlasting and puts this outfit in the Christmas costume top ten list. For the man who's still a child at heart there are adult versions of this costume, too. Looks great with the large black eyes and nose. Just be careful you don't poke anyone in the eye with the antlers when you're doing lots of under the mistletoe kisses if you're an adult. A little tip here - the suits don't always come with a red nose, but you could always use your Comic Relief leftover or buy one at a clown accessories store.