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Blood Balance Formula

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-12)

Beet root contains a high amount of nitrates Blood Balance Formula Review which is a mixed compound of nitrogen and oxygen generally found in a low concentration in our drinking water. How could the nitrates benefit you well, it helps widen blood vessels for better oxygenated blood flow to the heart therefore, relaxing the blood flow throughout the body therefore, lowering blood pressure. By doing this helps to decrease high blood pressure and also helps to reduce blood clots from forming that lead to strokes and heart attacks. That is one of the great benefits of beet juice but, it shall not be given to infants at 3or 4 months old or younger because, a high nitrate level with infant of this age group can cause a change over from nitrates to nitrites that could cause a reduction of blood from carrying oxygen and that could result in a very dangerous situation. Beet juice has been found to reduce and eliminate tumors in cancer patients and probably because, it increases the body's glutathione levels that detoxifies the body from cancer toxins. For everyone that wants to know what glutathione is I will tell you that it is the body's own natural made antioxidant that lives in every cell that neutralizes free radicals that can damage your health if your glutathione levels become low due to low nutrition from eating the wrong foods. This is another great benefit of drinking beet juice on regular basis to stay good and healthy.