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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-01)

Seek out and buy his book. You'll probably have Numerologist.Com Review to order it, as he isn't exactly well known. Samuel Weiser publications or New Falcon Press is the publications of it, if that helps. He died in 1985 or 89' I am uncertain but you will see how anxiously helpful he really was. In the book he gives out his own contact info for anyone having difficulties. Just keep in mind though the book is in tact, that information is no longer valid as he has already passed on. I am not selling you anything, nor promoting on my own behalf just throwing out some GREAT info on a secretive subject. He went to great lengths to get the info out to the public it'll go into it in the book. The least I could do was try and amp up his reputation even if it is posthumous, I am sure he'd appreciate it. In short, the book *The Art and Practice of Astral Projection* by Ophiel is an excellent read/guide for anyone interested in the Astral plane. In fact, all the books he has written (which aren't many) are great and a good find if at any used bookstore. Ever spent an evening by the shore? There are many lessons that nature can teach us, even while we are simply watching! Though there are many waves, there is but one ocean. The ocean and the waves contrast each other and yet belong together! The ocean is ever clothed in peace - the waves restless and distraught. While they lash out their power, the ocean keeps its calm. The waves want to tear apart, the ocean bind into a whole. The waves say "I want identity, I want to be recognized", the ocean says "Unity is strength, together we can achieve many things" The waves are strong and determined, they want to make their own path, breaking boundaries and striving for the new....the ocean is calm and settled, poised and satisfied. The waves are always reaching out to the onlookers, entertaining them, little realizing that their power and reach is a result of their being part of the ocean. The ocean wants to stay hidden in the background, surrendered in all its humility.