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The Backpack Electricity System

by Ssregina Regina (2019-06-01)

Some athletes say that vitamin C" helps keep the The Backpack Electricity System Review immune system functioning optimally." decreases recovery time between workouts.Vitamin C is important for connective tissue repair. Although beneficial to athletes participating in a variety of sports, vitamin C is especially important to body builders whose training causes the most connective tissue damage.Vitamin C is also important to athletes because, as an antioxidant, it may help to reverse some of the oxidative damage that may occur from exercise. This oxidative damage, caused by free radicals, may interfere with the cells' ability to function normally and is believed to play a role in many different health conditions, including the aging process, cancer, and heart disease.Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system and may help to prevent the dip in immune function that may occur right after exercise.Placebo-controlled research, some of it double-blind, has shown that taking 400 to 3,000 mg of vitamin C per day for several days before and after intense exercise may reduce pain and speed up muscle strength recovery. However, taking vitamin C only after such exercise was not effective in another double-blind study.In most well-controlled studies, exercise performance has not been shown to improve following supplementation with vitamin C, unless a deficiency exists, as might occur in athletes with unhealthy or irrational eating patterns.5 6 Similarly, vitamin E has not benefited exercise performance, except possibly at high altitudes. Before you try anything else, it is worth considering incorporating an adaptogen and vitamin into your supplement routine when trying to overcome a physical plateau.