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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-06-01)

Another significant Nuculture Reviews benefit is that cow's milk is a lot cheaper than formula milk. 'Which?' studied the consumption patterns and costs associated with formula milk and cow's product and found some important insights. At the recommended daily consumption of 500 ml of formula milk, the cost worked out to be 1.63 a day or 593.53 a year. In comparison, the cost for cow's full cream milk for toddlers and cow's full fat organic milk at the government-recommended consumption of 300 ml per day worked out at just 17p a day or 62 a year. This translates into cost savings of around 531 (~INR 46,000), which is a significant amount.Consumer watchdogs have known it for a long time that formula product is just a formula to fool unsuspecting customers and make loads of money. People are often swayed by misleading claims and fancy product marketing. The truth is that cow's full cream milk for toddlers and cow's full fat organic products is the healthiest and cheapest option for your child.Why do we eat more in winter? Most parents or people who or whose children generally eat more during this period are mesmerised by this question. So why does this happens? Is it because of the cold weather or does it has anything to do with the holiday season during this period, where the availability of sumptuous food is on rise? In fact, if you go deep, you'd find that there's no clear cut reason behind your craving for more food during winter. However, there are some facts that knowing them would probably give a satisfactory answer for this very tricky question.