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Flow State Training Program

by princy william (2019-05-30)

One sure method I know of that Flow State Training Program Review aids in moving past our physical limitations is meditation. This is because meditation facilitates transcending ordinary consciousness in order to make contact with the higher dimensions. I would like to suggest a form of meditation that will make such contact easier. First, find a quiet, dimly lit place to sit down and close your eyes. This must be a place where you are all alone, and no one and nothing will bother you. Shut off your cell phone. Close the drapes or blinds. You want as much quiet and lack of distraction as is possible. Once comfortably seated, close your eyes and take some deep breaths to get relaxed. Focus on your breath. When thoughts come streaming into consciousness, bring your focus back to breathing in and breathing out. No need to strain the breath. Just breathe. As you become more relaxed, your thoughts will become weaker. In any event, don't worry too much about them. Thinking is what the mind does all day and night, too. We cannot stop thinking on the conscious level, but as we allow ourselves to get more relaxed and access the more subtle parts of the mind, thought thins out, so to speak, and eventually disappears, leaving us with pure consciousness. A helpful technique is to simply ask your mind not to bother you; to just remain quiet and observe what you are doing during this session. Picture putting your mind off to one side, say on a pillow or a cushion. Thank your mind for cooperating in this fashion. Should any thoughts disrupt your meditation at any time, remind the mind that it is only suppose to observe and not interfere, and put it back on the pillow or cushion. Thank it again for being cooperative. When you feel yourself completely relaxed, try to picture a white or yellow light coming from your solar plexus. The solar plexus is that place just below the breast, at the upper section of the abdomen. It represents your intuitive powers.