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by gold stone (2019-05-29)

If you are new to blogging or App Coiner Review even if you are not there is a couple of simple mistakes people make that could affect traffic and income, you want to make sure you avoid these mistakes! These are the most common and stupid mistakes I see out there and I don't understand why. I mean they both take little time to develop and they can do a lot for you!If you currently do not have a mailing list on your blog, you are missing out on a lot of opportunity and future profit. See what a mailing list does is capture your visitors name and email when they visit your blog, of course they have to subscribe and enter their info. But after they do you have a future lead to promote products to, your site, and really anything useful. You want to make sure you are actually helping the person though.If your blog have been up for a couple of months now you should have some decent traffic. So you want to take advantage of the traffic you do have to hopefully make some profit. You want to add a page to your blog titled "Advertise" so if anyone that visits your blog wants to buy advertisements then they can do so easily. You want to have a contact form and the ad spaces you are selling listed.The purpose of blog marketing in your home business is essentially what it is - marketing a blog. In other words, you are trying to get the word out about your business, not to sell. The selling can come later on, but right now the purpose of the blog is to create curiosity in your audience and establish trust.In order to do this, you must provide relevant chunks of useful information for your target audience. For example, if you are in the fly fishing business, you could blog about fly fishing tips and talk about fly fishing in general. You can also recommend them the right equipment to use when fly fishing.Another thing you must do is provide them a free gift, whether a fly fishing mastery e-book or newsletter. The purpose is to get them subscribed to your mailing list is so that you can convert them from regular visitors to long term prospects. One example of free gifts that works effectively is "7 mistakes fly fishers must avoid". This way, not only can you provide immense amount of value to your subscribers, but also establish your credibility as an expert in the field.Once you have collected many subscribers, continue to provide them useful information, build your relationship with them and eventually you can pitch your products to them.