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by gold stone (2019-05-27)

In numerology, each of Royal Numerology Review our birth names carries with it a timeline or period in which the name is active. Tiger's first name is "Eldrick." This equates to an 8. When we add his Lifepath number, a 1 [we'll discuss this next], the result is a 9 outcome, the energy of power, fame and notoriety. This second 9 in Tiger's chart creates stacking, a condition creating greater intensity of the 9 energy. This 8/9 Influence/Reality Set [I/R set for short] rules Tiger's life from birth through age thirty-five. It is also a combination indicating success [8] with a powerfully public outcome of domination [9] which Tiger has been privileged to have since birth. The sad part is that unless one with this combination has an understanding of spiritual matters accompanied with a sense of humility, worldly success often goes to people's heads, swelling and inflating them with the importance but false sense of their own egos, blinding them and subsequently causing them enormous grief. Had there been more humility than ego, the grief would never have existed. Power would be given to God, not to the self, so the self could not fall into the abyss of self-acclaim, self-centeredness, self-importance and self-made troubles.Increasing the stacking of 9 energy is that the first Challenge period in Tiger's life [from birth to age thirty-five] is a 9/9 IR set. This increases his power, domination, public and global influence as well as mixing among many people. With the addition of this first Challenge 9/9 set, Tiger Woods' chart reveals a quadstack of four 9s:This is certainly a large amount of the energy of power, domination and public appeal. Yet, as all things cycle, so does power. None of us has it forever.Tiger Woods was born on 30 December 1975. This date creates a 1 Lifepath, the script of his life indicating the issues, events and lessons - both positive and negative - he will be experiencing. Combined with his 9 Expression, this 1 Lifepath also generates a 1 Performance/Experience cipher or PE, the component of one's Basic Matrix defining the role a person will play on the great life stage. Here again is an example of stacking, this time involving the 1 energy.