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Royal Numerology

by gold stone (2019-05-27)

February begins with Sun + Royal Numerology Review Venus= Venus + Hades = 0 cardinal, and the Sun will be making a 135 degree aspect to Hades -- a day that is not very pleasant with money at the root of the problem. Mars is 135 aspect to Uranus, and angry eruptions can occur. Drive carefully, since Mars Uranus hard aspects can be predict accidents. This duo can also mean instability at work. Make sure to avoid getting into an argument with a friend.February 2nd the Sun will be midpoint Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, and the uneasiness continues. The day ends with Venus applying semi-square to Saturn, not good for love or money. The Venus Saturn combo is very good for bargain hunting for necessities such as food, and savings is the name of the game today.February 3rd starts with Uranus + Pluto, Saturn = Sun, with the Sun applying to the cardinal axis. The escalation of food costs is starting to effect how the world is eating. At the same time, Valentine's day is around the corner and the business of selling love is thriving as the Mars Venus midpoint is 22 ½ to Jupiter and Venus will be 22 ½ to Apollon.February 4th. With Neptune + Cupido = Mercury, rumor and deception can be running amok. This can ruin some relationships today if one jumps to conclusions without checking things out, especially with Mercury and Sun dancing around the cardinal axis. Facebook, Twitter and blogs can and will cause caos in many lives.February 5th is a perfect example of how unstable things are in the world as Saturn, Pluto will be midpoint Venus and the cardinal axis. The economy will take a giant step back. With Pluto + Hades Sun, secret financial plans start brewing early. At days end, Saturn Pluto + 0 cardinal = Sun show that the recession is definitely not over.Saturday February 6th. There will be volatile news in the media today as Mercury + Vulcanus will be 22 ½ to the Sun and Sun + Vulcanus =Mars. Be careful driving. There will be much angry emotion floating around.Sunday February 7th. Today, many are getting ready to travel as Sun + Saturn =Mercury. Some will be going to the Winter Olympics, others to the Super Bowl and others will be coming here to New York for Fashion Week. We will be paying attention to games and fashion for the next week or two.February 8th and another Monday morning is here again, with everyone watching the financial news and messing up their manicures as they chew away at their nails. Sun and Mercury will be tied in with Pluto and Saturn in a planetary picture that can only be seen on the 90 degree dial.