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by princy william (2019-05-27)

The sluggard is enslaved, and gives individualogist Review undue credence, to fear. They see threats which don't even exist (verse 13). God is Above All and All-Knowing Verses 2 and 12 have a common Proverbs' theme in mind. Wealth is no separator in life, though it seems that way to us. God has made all people equal. None are favoured a hair above others. All come under God. God is the keeper of all Wisdom and the caretaking of knowledge is the LORD's domain. Nothing and no one will affect it, and those perjuring themselves will feel God's most certain hot-breathed wrath. Mastery is developed in the silence and becomes evidence in our reality. So then, what action steps can we take to master our lives with Spirit Guidance? Let's look at some action steps now. The more time you spend with someone the more you get to know them and the more influence they have on your life. Entering into the silence should be developed so it becomes a way of life for you. Take the time each day to get away from your busy schedule to spend quiet time in the silence with the Spirit to cleansed your inner sanctuary and rejuvenate your energy level. As you sit in silence, listen. Go with the intention to hear what the Spirit has to say. Turn your inner ear within and listen to what the Spirit has to offer you each day. Give your attention to this. You may be surprised what you hear. At first it may sound like your own mind but you'd know that thought didn't originate from you. Keep practicing and your inner ear will become fine tuned to the voice of the Spirit. To become one with the Spirit you must connect with your inner being. It is important that your mind consciously desires to connect but you must also bring your feelings into this moment as well. Feel the movement of the Spirit within you. You may feel a sense of peace, joy, love, an inner burning like fire or even a spiritual awakening happening with you. Let your thoughts and attention remain in this place and absorb life from the Universal Spirit. This is where you become consciously aware of your oneness with God. As you go into your daily activities, continue to listen for the voice of the Spirit as you are guided throughout the day. You may be given instructions to do a particular task or the wisdom how to carry out your work more effectively or you may hear that your child has done something. Don't brush the information off. The more you listen and act on what you hear the more guidance you'll continue to get and the sharper your listening skills become to the voice within.