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Language Of Desire

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-05-24)

When the two Language Of Desire Review worlds collide (Mom & Dad) the ones that are devastated the most are the kids. The first thing they do is blame themselves for something that is not their fault. The second thing they do is withdraw from everything they were involved in. Then depending on who gets primary custody they start hating that parent and placing the other parent on a pedestal. Grades in school start to fall. Interests in family events become painful. Then depression sets in and in an instant the words "I wish I was never born" are heard. This is a suicidal outcry. If Mom or Dad decides to remarry the new member of the family is in for a horrible experience. They become the new target of the child's rage. Then the counseling sessions with the shrink begin, and that is an expense that will cost thousands. All of this misery could have easily have been avoided by just committing to the one that they were married to.