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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-05-24)

The name of Appcoiner Review the game is Multiple Streams of Income. Try out one or more affiliate companies until you find the one you're most interested in. A few examples are ClickBank, LinkShare, Commission Junction, and even Amazon. The key is to find a good niche and then offer good information to your website visitors. Then, as you write your information, include links to the products you are selling, but avoid the hard-sell approach. Your visitors will leave and possibly never return. They came to look for good information.I knew that use articles to drive traffic. Do you have or are you exploring a plan B just in case articles stop performing for you in terms of driving traffic, and in that same feed, if you are looking at it, does it include some of those Web 2.0 type of tactics like blogs or video source, or any of those other tactics or strategies?I'm going to answer your question in a little different way than you're asking it. I think it'll answer your question, but I think it'll reveal where my thinking is. I currently spend $4000 on article marketing right now. In my opinion, that is my advertising budget. If articles were to cease performing for me tomorrow, then I would immediately shift that to four sources of traffic. I would spend $1000 on each of four sources of traffic. Maybe if someone convinced me to do a 5th one, then maybe I'd do $800. The bottom line is, I'd divide that money into four or five different sources and then I would test and track each one to those sources.