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by gold stone (2019-05-23)

It is very hard to control a Memory Hack hyperactive child and therefore teachers often ask parents to put their child on medication. Medications for ADHD can be quite harsh and also produce harmful side effects, as their main composition is that of a nerve suppressant. These medicines can cause other mental conditions and could also impede normal growth. Therefore it becomes important to diagnose the symptoms well and if possible use a natural cure for it.A known natural remedy for ADHD is Bach flower therapy. Bach flower therapy has been used with success for more than seventy years after its discovery by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930's. Named after the doctor who discovered it, Bach flower therapy utilizes 38 different Bach flower extracts to form cures for various mental problems such as impulsiveness, inattention, stress, nervous breakdowns, hyperactivity and various other symptoms of mental illness.Lack of concentration, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior in ADHD children result in them becoming slow at work, unable to complete their activities on time and hence behind the rest of the class. Bach flower therapy helps soothe the nerves to reduce these symptoms so that the child or even an adult can focus better and produce more constructive work.Although ADHD children can understand the instructions given to them, they are unable to carry out the tasks. In such circumstances they try to avoid participating in tasks they cannot complete. This is because they are unable to stick to a single task for long. However, Bach flower therapy can help the child concentrate and pay attention to the activity that is being performed. Bach flower therapy has several such benefits, making it an ideal treatment for ADHD.Yesterday walking through the airport between an eatery and the wireless electronics store there was a big yellow sign that said something like this:Are you distracted? Do you lose focus easily? Do you forget things? You could have ADHD, send us a text or find us on the web at (some website).The website isn't really their site of course. After reading the sign and looking around for a minute it hit me. What better place to try and convince people they have ADHD than an airport. Everyone is either in a hurry so they forget something, or bored out of their mind so they lose focus and are easily distracted.