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American Natural Super Collagen

by princy william (2019-05-22)

An amino acid (precursor to protein) American Natural Super Collagen found in the leaves of green tea and certain mushrooms called L-theanine compares favorably to Ativan, a synthetic tranquilizer that interferes with your ability to drive, is addictive, and can end up worsening anxiety as well as causing abnormal liver function. L-theanine is taken in 100 to 200 mg capsules two to three times day, but should be avoided by pregnant and nursing mothers, as it has not been studied on these women. If you want to drink green tea instead, the equivalent is 2-8 cups. Start with 2 cups and evaluate the effect before increasing your intake. Moving toward a vegetarian dietary regime can also lower your anxiety, according to the results of a study that investigated the different kinds of diet and the levels of anxiety and depression participants aged twenty-five to seventy years reported. More anxiety and depression were reported in the nonvegetarian groups than in the vegetarian groups. Diet analysis also found more stress-reducing antioxidants in the vegetarian group than in the nonvegetarian group. These findings suggest that a diet focused primarily on vegetables, fruits, and grains is associated with less anxiety than a diet focused on meat or other animal products. How can a vegetarian diet reduce anxiety? Meat, poultry, dairy foods, sugar, and refined-flour products are all acid-forming foods that leave an acid residue in the body after being metabolized. So do many medications. When your body is more acid, transit time of food is speeded up which results in underabsorption of vitamins, especially the stress vitamins (B and C) and minerals that reduce stress and make you feel more sluggish and fatigued. Unfortunately, merely taking additional vitamins and minerals usually will not correct this condition unless you also change your eating and medicating patterns so you can better absorb nutrients. Vegetarian diet or meatless diet has become a lifestyle along with the increase of health awareness of people and the rising incidence of diseases caused by unhealthy eating habits. The term, vegetarian meaning "with or without egg or dairy products" was introduced in 1847 by an Englishman, Joseph Brotherton. At this moment, the number of vegetarian communities is growing all over the world.