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Erase My Back Pain

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-05-22)

Early the next Erase My Back Pain morning Sitar Heroes and The Goose departed at the crack of dawn to the Ellora Caves where we would meet them later on. TT and STCF went back to pick up Pat who had a little meltdown about the recklessness and was ready pack up and go home. We had a few mature conversations and managed to convince him to stay. We pushed onto the Ellora caves but not without any engine problems. As usual, a local stopped to help us out - They're all mechanics. TT had a fuel issue and STCF couldn't get into 4th gear.We made it to the Ellora caves, took out a few rooms at a really stellar resort (a change from the ordinary) and went to explore - These caves were fantastic. They were made for the goddess Shiva and continue to be excavated to this day. The sculpting and grandeur of what we saw was incredible. We explored them all thoroughly and then climbed up a mountain that overlooked the valley, cracked open a bottled of whiskey and enjoyed the sunset. The things to come next were what we were looking forward to for the longest time: a shower, dinner, beer, and a great nights rest. Oh yes... that night at dinner Justin ate something (possibly the western food that no one else would touch) that changed his trip for the next 5 days - oopsie poopsie.