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Combat Shooter System

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-21)

Buying emergency supplies is next on the list. Combat Shooter System These should be purchased well in advance of the hurricane arriving. Keep your supplies on hand in the event that you must evacuate the area. I can guarantee that if you wait too long until the day before the hurricane hits your location the stores will be completely empty of any supplies what so ever. During an emergency like this, go into a grocery store and look at the shelves. They are just about empty of everything. In reality hurricanes are the grocery store owner's best friend. Keep a handy hurricane kit readily available near your door where all you have to do is grab it on your way out. Turn on your television and you will see how the shelters were extremely limited on their supplies when hurricane Harvey hit Texas. Shelters are often overrun and may not have enough supplies to go around.Important papers are next. Have your insurance policies, birth certificates, marriage papers, social security cards, titles to your vehicles, etc readily available. I keep all my important documents in one folder that I can quickly grab and take with me in an emergency.Next take whatever precautions you can to protect your home from added damage. If you have loose shingles get them fixed before the hurricane strikes. Any compromise to your roof becomes an open invitation for the strong winds accompanying the hurricane. Look closely at your yard and secure anything that could take flight in the gusty winds. If you are able to you should purchase wood to put on your windows and add some extra security to the doors of your home. Get Your Household Information Squared AwayEmergencies happen with little or no warning, so it's essential to have all your household information easily accessible. That includes insurance documents, birth certificates, passports, and local maps. Place these items inside your emergency kit and have it stowed away. Create secondary copies of each document and place them inside your car emergency kit. Having two sets of prints ensures your prepared to respond to any emergency, on the road or at home.