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Memory Hack

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-20)

It makes sense that yellow would be the color to Memory Hack introduce in the environment of someone learning from Alzheimer's. It promotes a cheery outlook and helps fight depression as well. If you know of someone experiencing the lessons of Alzheimer's, see if they have anything yellow in their environment. You don't have to introduce a mass amount-perhaps start out with a cup or a placemat where they eat. Yellow helps boost the immune system and also helps stimulate thought, so introducing it within the environment of someone with Alzheimer's is a good practice. Mental disorders are the fourth common illness in the world. One out of 10 persons are concerned about it. It involves a lot of inappropriate and irrational habits. Biological and psychological factors play an important role in causing this disorder. Mental disorder implies the presence of a clinically recognizable set of behaviors or symptoms combined most of the time with interference with personal functions and with distress. People who are prone to this disorder present insufficient 'serotonin', a chemical in the brain which helps in avoiding repetitive behavior. Mental disorder is characterized by intense apprehension, fear, terror, anxiety, low self-esteem, superstition and withdrawal from others. 4 types of Mental disorders related to phobia are identified. They are identical in some ways, and similar remedies are applicable for their control. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) OCD is a common neuropsychiatric disorder that is one of the most treatable ones.1 in 50 adults has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), in the United States. When a thing becomes an obsession and is a result of compulsion (urgent, repeated behaviors), you have a serious problem. When you wash your hands 30 to 50 times a day for fear of getting germs through your hands, chances are, you have OCD. When you watch out for cracks on the ground or pavement each time you walk for fear of being swallowed up by the earth, you probably have OCD.