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Lean Body Hacks

by princy william (2019-05-20)

One of the side effects of the fast Lean Body Hacks pace of our live is this: we look for quick solutions. We want to solve our money problem by investing money in the stock market instead of working, And we want to get thin and shed the extra weight in no more than two weeks (A month if we're patient). Because of this, When some people think how to lose weight, fasting might seem as a favorable option. Fasting is basically abstaining from eating, Supposedly it has its advantages. For example - a day of a complete fast can clean your systems of toxins and perhaps even "re-boot" your metabolism. But that's not what people usually talk about. Actually, when people refer to fasting diets, they don't really mean a complete fast, They mean skipping meals or restricting their diets to just one sort of food. For example: one fasting diets' menu includes 5 days of no solid foods, All you can eat is vegetable juice (or soup) of various kinds. It's easy to see how this kind of diet can be disrupting to your everyday life. These sorts of diets are so extreme, You have a medical inspection and have medical supervision throughout them. In my opinion, you should aspire for a more balanced diet then this. If you really want to lose weight, fasting is good only for very short terms and even that won't really help you keep the weight off.If you want to keep your health as well as lose weight, Fasting on a regular basis is not just a bad idea, it's downright dangerous. There are three major reasons why should people avoid counting on fasting as the basis of their diets. These reasons apply to most extreme short term diets. Health-wise: It's not healthy. Any extreme form of diet can traumatize your body. We are designed to consume food. Some of that food can have bad after effects like toxins which fasting can clean, But it's not a way to reduce body fat. Metabolism-wise: a short fast can "re-boot" your metabolism, But starving your self will put your body preservation mode. That's why a change in diet will cause a short drop in weight and stop after two weeks. Motivation-wise: It's ten times harder to keep up with a diet you do not enjoy. Some people think that any diet has to include starvation but that's simply lack of knowledge talking. A good diet should be one that you can keep for a long while. Mentally-wise: going on a fast won't change your eating habits, And even if you will lose a few pounds there's nothing to keep you from gaining them again in a short while. To summarize, A diet should be more than just a quick way to lose weight. Fasting cannot and should not be a long term solution. The best diet should add balance to your life, not rob you of it. You don't deserve to suffer just to lose extra weight. You really don't.