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by gold stone (2019-05-18)

Eye glasses are a very popular iGenics choice among patients as opposed to contact lenses. They are very durable, cost effective and come in numerous designs. Many people choose them over contact lenses because they are easy to use and maintain. Unlike, contact lenses, eye glasses do not require extensive care and cleaning. They are also much easier to use because a person can put them on and take them off at will.While a slightly more expensive option, it is the preferred choice of patients who are rather conscious of their looks while wearing eye glasses. They want to correct their vision without changing the way they look. Contact lenses give them the best of both worlds. In fact they go a step further. Contact lenses nowadays come in various colors. Anyone can have any eye color they wish for. Although this adds to the total cost, it is still a big hit especially among women.Last but not least, this most expensive approach is actually the best option available for vision correction. LASIK surgery is a painless 20 minute eye surgery that uses sophisticated laser technology to remodel the Cornea of the human eye. Not only does it correct near and far sightedness, it completely eliminates astigmatism and brings the patient up to 20/20 vision. The best part is that the results are permanent so it is a once in a lifetime procedure that takes care of all vision problems.LASIK is a good alternate solution to contact lenses. Some people are not comfortable with the touch of contact lenses on their eyes. Some people have very sensitive eyes and contact lenses may cause irritation. Therefore they are best suited for LASIK surgery.Eyes one of the most sensitive and most beautiful parts of human body and because of the high sensitivity level and extremely crucial functioning for humans which is sight they need special care from our side. Every one should be well aware of the sensitiveness of his or her eyes and should be able to create such an environment for eyes which is healthy for them. There are a few measures which if taken properly and precisely will definitely keep one's eyes always healthy, fresh and beautiful.First of all the most important and any easy to take step is to wear sunglasses while going out on a sunny day as there are many ultra violet radiations emitted by sun that can cause a major damage to one's eyes and the worst case of which is an eye cancer. Thus sun glasses play a very vital role in protecting one's eyes as they act as a protective shield. Now there is another very easy to practice exercise and can be done at any time without any major issue that is washing of eyes with fresh water. Whenever one goes out on roads at that time his or her eyes are exposed to very harmful dust and smoke which can badly damage the eyes therefore the very first step which should be taken is to wash eyes precisely using fresh cold water as this exercise will remove all the dust and smoke particles from eyes.