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Arm Up System

by gold stone (2019-05-17)

The solution is to buy what is Arm Up System known as a door gym pull up bar. These are fantastic and affordable devices (mine only cost $30) that lock into any standard door frames and transform it into the perfect station for both pull ups and chin ups. They're easy to store away, can be as temporary as you wish and are just all around ingenious inventions.The size of our arms is the bane of us with the ectomorph body type. And while I'm not Arnold Scwharznegger I have been working towards bigger arms over the past couple of months and thought it'd be worthwhile to share some of my advice from both experience and after objectively researching this particular subject.Master the pull up. The pull up is the most underrated and at the same time, the most important exercise for all ecomorphic hardgainers. Yes, it's a very hard exercise to do, but with practice, dilgence and a burning desire to have bigger arms you'll be able to push through the initial hardship. Within a couple of months I was able to quadruple the number of good form pull ups I could do, and have noticed similar gains in the size of my arms.Lift heavier things. It's so simple but people overlook this way too much. To build bigger arms you need to lift weights that will stimulate muscle growth. To determine that only lift weights that force you to minimize the amount of reps to about 5-8 per set during training. The goal is to do less lifting, but making each lift more impactful. Forget picking up those 5kg dumbbells - lift some real weighs.Be persistent. This is the major key. You need to be persistent with your quest to have big arms - it won't happen overnight, or in two weeks, or even in two months. Muscle growth takes time and aside from perhaps using steroids (you wouldn't be that stupid though) there's no quick and easy fix. There's no rush to not be skinny and overcome your ectomorphic scrawny arms. Enjoy the process and you'll reach your desired destination when you're ready.You are not doomed to have small arms. You can change your arms into large muscular arms, even your forearms.You can still build strong and powerful forearms. I have small bones, so you can imagine my forearms were quite puny. Now I get comments from people about my big forearms.I don't do any isolation exercises such as reverse curls, hammer curls, or wrist curls. In fact I suffered from tendinitis years ago when I did reverse curls. Those exercises put your elbows at a mechanical disadvantage and put a lot of stress on your elbow joint, so I stay away from them.I built up my forearms by using heavy compound movements: barbell bent over rows, deadlifts, chin-ups, and pull-ups. The forearms are the weak link in these exercises; over time they will become stronger and grow in size. If you want to focus on the top of the forearms, use an overhand grip, if you want to focus on the bottom of the forearms, use an underhand grip. Do not use a hook grip.