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Combat Shooter System

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-15)

Looking at the two stories above, it is a fact Combat Shooter System that people are experiencing fire accidents and fatalities occur because of it. The sad thing in here is that it does not choose who it kills. Everything that goes into its way can be harmed. The irony is that it commonly occurs in your safe zone: which is your home. Your home, which you consider safe and warm, can be easily wiped out because of ignorance and negligence. Even though it your home and you know very well around it, you have a duty to apply safety measures in order to avoid accidents like fire. It is your duty to know various fire prevention techniques to decrease the possibilities of these mishaps to occur. Despite the fact that almost all of us are not trained fire fighters, basic instinct tells us to put out fire right away before it worsens. Usually we beat the object with blankets or pound it several times to kill the flames. At times, we rush to the nearest faucet to get some water and splash it over the burning object to extinguish the flames. Most of the time, it is very effective because usual items that easily is burned at home are fabrics or papers. The only downside in here is that the pounding part and collection of water can be very tedious because sometimes it takes more than a pail of water to fight those flames. In addition, the fire can re-ignite before you have come back with the second or third pail. Good if you have hoses but sometimes it takes time to install them since you will have to grab them from your garage. However, there is an effective way of using water to fight fire at home. It works similar to the concept of beating fire and hosing them down. With the use of this device, you no longer have to worry about running back and forth to get enough water. This is through the use of hydrospray fire extinguishers. The substance used to put out fire is water. However, there are additives that make this device 300 times better than using a pail of water. They change the consistency of water and make them even more viscous so that it can improve its smothering effects on the burning object. On top of that, changing its consistency and the presence of chemicals actually can improve its ability to stick on the surface of the object and allows the water to penetrate deeper making it even more damped. Doing it this way could also greatly speed up its cooling effect on the object thus heat is easily dissipated. It is also safer to use because you can put out fire at a certain distance to maintain safety.