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Power Efficiency Guide

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-15)

To solve this issue, many home owners are Power Efficiency Guide Review exploring the idea of alternative energy sources such as solar power and wind turbine to cut their energy consumption. Due to the rising demand, the home renewable energy industry has been experiencing a boom. Many people are installing solar panels and wind turbine to supplement the power supply at home. There is one kind of renewable energy which is not known by the masses. It is the concept of generating electricity by using the natural power of magnets. A magnetic generator can be build at home to produce power that can be used on our electrical devices. The concept of a magnet powered generator is simple. The idea is to place magnet bars on a circular rotor. The magnets are then moved adjacent to a spool of copper wires. When the magnetic field of the magnets cut through the wire, it will create an electric current. Because of the placement of the magnets on the rotor, the magnet bars will brush through the wire on a continuous motion. The wire in the spool is to be connected to a charge controller. The charge controller will regulate the electric current to charge up a battery bank. When the batteries are fully charged, it can be used to power our household electrical appliances. Building a magnetic generator at home is a simple process. What you will need is some hand tools such as multi meter, laser tachometer and soldering iron. Next, you will need a device blueprint with step-by-step instructions. Anyone who has built a science project at school will be able to handle a DIY magnetic generator. Some people still stand for their belief that it is unreliable, but we are now moving towards energy crisis. Conventional energy resources such as fossil fuel are now becoming far reaching. We always tend that our daily energy consumption is unlimited but we still take it for granted. Everything that we can extract in nature is all limited. They will come to its end. But we can make the difference out of renewable energy. Not because this is now the Government's main thrust in environmental conservation campaign but also for personal use and for the benefit of the economic system.