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Language Of Desire

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-14)

The idea is that marriage and having a strong Language Of Desire Review family life are often emphasized and taught at churches. Not only is this normally done outwardly, but reinforced by families being there and attending together. This is why I get irritated when people talk about having their own relationship with God, therefore, they do not need to go to church. I have always found that to be an extremely selfish way of looking at religion. Part of going to church is to be there for others and to form a community. That community can support each other and help marriages get through the tough times, including tough financial times. The final thought does have to do with finances. I often talk about money fights and money problems often being the #1 cited cause of divorce in the United States. This report just confirms for me the importance of your finances in regards to marriage. It doesn't address it specifically, but which group is more likely to have money fights and constantly be stressed out about money? The low and moderate educated, of course. This is where I want to challenge you. If you find yourself always struggling to make ends meet, do something about it now. If you are not educated, start taking some classes. If you own your own business, but can never seem to make enough money, then start developing a plan to increase your income over the next three years. That is the great thing about the United States, you have control over what your life will look like in five years. Make a plan to improve where you are at financially. Your marriage depends on it! Must every relationship end up in marriage? Marriage is supposed to be an agreement between two persons. Nowadays some marriages are forced. One partner may be willing while the other may not be. The willing partner will device all foul means to achieve his/her aim. Just yesterday a teenage girl of about 16 years in my neighbourhood ran away from home because the parents were forcing her to marry a 45 years old divorce. This story is one among many in Africa.