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Eagle Eye 911

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-11)

Nonprescription colored contacts are used mainly Eagle Eye 911 Review for enhancing your eye color or only for cosmetic purposes. The colored lenses are mainly for fashion purposes more than to correct your eyesight. They are also used by many celebrities as a tool to make their characters come alive onscreen. These lenses are available in many colors such as, violet, amethyst, violet venom and blue violet. If you want to zing up your life or you are just looking for a change then colored lenses are just the thing for you. Nonprescription colored contacts are made from silicone normally. This synthetic material allows your eyes to breathe as well as does not let your eyes dry out as other lenses might. Some of these silicone lenses are comfortable enough to be worn days on end without you having to remove them and clean them. Most of these disposable lenses last about a month to three months and some can be worn even overnight. There are some people who prefer disposable lenses to the regular ones. You have to be careful though, as any improper use can lead to eye infections. Violet colored contacts are for the very brave. As these borders on purple so they are very striking, so if you are quite adventurous, then this is the color for you. If you want to look striking, then you can opt for this, as it will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. Violet colored contacts are one of the most romantic colors you can get for your eyes. If you have light eyes, then these can wonderfully enhance your color. It can even darken it if you choose the right one. It can also lighten it significantly or even change your eye color completely. Different shades of violet colored lenses are violet, amethyst, violet venom and blue violet. The range of colors varies from manufacturer to manufacturer as each of them has different nonprescription colored contacts to choose from.