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Manifestation Magic

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-10)

The Power That Lies Within!We live our lives Manifestation Magic Reviewexternally, we spend all of our time and energy focusing on what we need to do today to make this or that right, we chase our tails around and around and when things don't go right, we become frustrated and sick!It is time now to stop living this way and realize our own inner strength and power, you see if we were in balance on all levels we would not need this frustration, we would just sit a while, tune into that inner knowing and find the truth that is around the problem, and then we will take appropriate steps and be done with the problem in record time, no need for chasing of tails!Tune into Your Magic!I remember when I started out seeking my spiritual self, I was very confused, people would say things like "we are all one", "you are the universe and the universe is you", "you are God,God is you", and my favourite was "just be"! Oh wow what is all that about!Just be, what? I struggled with this lot for a while, it's as though, I kind of got it but not really! I was almost angry at being told to just be! I was frustrated at spiritual mentors giving me one liners with no explanation! But you see we have to find it ourselves! When we truly get how to just be, it is the most amazing feeling ever and life changing!Too Busy!We are so busy with this unrealistic life trying to make ends meet and we leave the most important lesson and experience for later, when we have got the time, well with this way of thinking, we will run out of time!The most important part of your life is you, your mind, body and soul as one, not separate and not left to pick up as a hobby later. Find it now the magic of you If we could just understand this life would be so simple. You know how people say "happiness is not out there, it is inside you"? Well this is what they mean, we have to become whole first before we can get the physical life right!We Are One With All Life.We must learn that we are not separate from anything, we are part of all things, we are one energy! Everything is energy, everything!So when we see this, we can draw what we want to us, manifest whatever we like, because it is already ours, we are part of it! I know we laugh about hugging a tree, but have you ever done it? Just sit by a tree relax and feel the energy it is amazing, and we can draw energy form this tree as we can with anything! This is how healing works, everything works through energy!