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Memory Hack

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-10)

This is where you need to be really honest with Memory Hack Review yourself, sorry! If you have the demon child at home, but they are perfect in school then I doubt that you have a truly angelic teacher, it is just more likely that your child is either getting confused by some of your parenting approaches, feels insecure in some way so is pushing those boundaries, is letting out the emotion of the day in the only way they know how and the only place they feel safe to do so, or is so full of hormones (that is more for the teenagers!) that you really do not have much of a chance. If you think you might fall into one of these categories then do not worry, but do be honest with yourself. There are answers, but they lie within your home and family situations and are down to creating time, space, boundaries, routine, security, enough sleep and happiness. If the problem is at school then school need to be part of the solution. As soon as you get recurrent behavioural problems, with the emphasis being on recurrent here, then you need to be talking to school. The staff at your child's school should have basic management approaches that they can draw on to try and help the situation and to talk to you and your child to see if the problem can be resolved. Communication is so important, as is having your child fully involved in the process. If this is the case then you need to ask school to refer your child for an assessment from Behaviour Support Services (BSS). The School must make this referral and it can take a little time so do not leave it until you are desperate. BSS are there to help, they cannot perform miracles, but they are there to provide very specific plans for behaviour management which can then be used to help manage your child in school and allow them to access their education, despite the difficulties they are having in learning through their current environment.