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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by gold stone (2019-05-10)

Sportsmen and women know more 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review than most about how to achieve success. They are models of commitment and focus. A sixteen day Olympics competition like the one in Beijing offers a crash course in how to be successful not only in sport but in many other aspects of life.I've just watched Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica win the women's 200 metres in the Bird's nest stadium. Michael Johnson commented on the fact that Veronica was using her arms as well as her legs to help her to run faster and win the gold medal with ease. He made the point that so many athletes don't use all their power.Veronica uses the power of belief as well as the power of her arms and legs. She told an interviewer why she had paused at the end of the race with her eyes closed. It was to thank God for the abilities He had given her. Usain Bolt, too believes in God. At times, he crosses himself and looks high into the sky.One success tip from the Olympics, then, is to use all the powers of your body, mind and spirit that are available to you in any activity that you are undertaking including the power of prayer. Try also to make use of the wisdom and advice of a mentor or coach. Every athlete has one.In Choikwangdo, the martial art that I teach, students learn to use their legs, hips and shoulders when they use hand and elbow techniques so that the power comes not only from their arms but from their whole body.The Choikwangdo motto is 'Pilsung' which is Korean for 'Certain Victory' i.e. Victory of some kind is certain if you train hard with a dedicated attitude. Body and mind are both important.The date of Veronica's win was August 21st the birthday of Usain Bolt who is also from Jamaica. He received his medal for winning the men's 200 metres in world record time straight after Veronica's win.Usain not only won the 200 metres, he broke Michael Johnson's world record. He told an interviewer: "I didn't want to leave anything on the track. Tell the world that with hard work anything is possible."Michael Johnson confirmed that "a lot of hard work goes into" winning the 200 metres and breaking a world record. Hard work is a key ingredient of success. One Olympian after another stresses the importance of hard work.Jonathan Edwards, a world record holder himself, did not think that Michael Johnson's record would be broken for 40 years. However, Usain Bolt has exceeded everyone's expectations. Eventually he won three gold medals and broke three world records including Michael Johnson's.