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by mary bose (2019-05-10)

Therapy sessions can last a hundred years or a few seconds." Individualogist Review/ I have said many, many times, because it never fails to amaze me. Duration seems to depend on density, depth, resistance, absorption, strength, resilience, thickness, and much else. Clients will often say, even as I feel it, "I can't believe it's the end of the session already." While others look at the clock and hope for the ordeal to end! How long is a therapy session really and what do we mean by really - in reality, practically speaking, in real time, objectively.How is it we seem to enter a realm that proves that time isn't real? It is a world filled with the past, the dead, the discarded, the forsaken, the yet-to-arrive, the future, and very little, often, of the present. It is a world peopled with the loved, the hated, the desired, the envied, the avoided, the rejected, the forgiven, and the unforgiven. It is a flexible world of memories, hopes, present circumstances, judgments, punishments, and uncertainty. How can we measure these things? Everything potentially alters, permutates, ameliorates in perception, quality, and perspective.Nothing is fixed: this is the nature of therapy and counseling. Without the possibility of change what would be the point in it? How long is a therapy session? How long does therapy take? How long does it take to forgive How long did it take Mandela, walking out of prison, to forgive? How long did it take Jesus of Nazareth, a rebel, wandering rabbi in an occupied country, to forgive? How long did it take Robert Rule, the father of the raped and murdered daughter Linda, to forgive? How long did it take me to forgive.