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Bedroom Guardian

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-10)

So you've contacted a renovation contractor to Bedroom Guardian Reviewrenovate your existing space with an addition and set up a meeting with him. This is the initial meeting. At the client - contractor interview You will want to ask questions related to the contractors qualification and abilities to complete the work you want done. This could include "design to finish" or if you have an architect and design already just the construction management. Also at this meeting the contractor will want some background information on you as well to qualify you as to how serious you are in getting the project done or are you just "kicking tires".Also at this meeting would be the project overview. Here you will discuss your project and the priority in which it is to be completed. The budget, general costs and value along with an overview of the design/build process should be discussed as I am discussing with you now. Next item of interest is design choices and the costs for this service. The architect will generally charge a fee of 2 1/2 % of the costs of the project. Add to that another 2 1/2% for the construction drawings(electrical, plumbing etc.). Designer fees typically range from $1000.00 and up. Small projects such as a kitchen remodel, $500.00 and up. Then you could have interior decorator fees as well if you choose to have someone else decorate for you. Finally you will expect to discuss protection efforts and construction guidelines to protect your home during construction and also your living requirements during the process.The next meeting you will have is the design meeting. At this meeting you will be introduced to the designer or architect to discuss their qualifications along with the project overview, budget, project priorities and special interests. A discussion of the fees and the design agreement will end this meeting.