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Raikov Effect

by mary bose (2019-05-09)

Aristotle Onassis was born in 1906 in the Greek town Raikov Effect Review/ of Smyrna (later occupied by Turkey). The few facts available regarding his childhood suggest that those years were rather difficult: he lost his mother when he was still a baby, and his father remarried a year and a half later. His relationship with his stepmother was extremely bad: they were in a state of continuous warfare, he regarded her as a usurper, and refused to obey her. At one point, the situation with his stepmother became so bad that the young boy was sent to a friendly neighbor's house to stay for a while. Also, his relationship with his father was not much better. A wealthy wholesale merchant in Smyrna, he was a strict father who was feared by his son.As a result of these problems, Onassis mostly brought up by his grandmother. He also did poorly in school, which he entered at the age of seven in 1913. He did not like studying and constantly skipped class. He was also extremely disruptive and annoyed his classmates. As a result, he was expelled from all the schools he attended. His desperate father then wrote one of Aristo's teachers that he was contemplating "suicide because of that boy." Under those circumstances, it was not surprising that Onassis never finished his studies. When he took the final exams required for a high school diploma in 1922, he failed -and he never tried again.The same year, the situation became even more difficult for him: the Turks invaded Onassis's town of Smyrna after defeating the Greek Army. Young Onassis -then 16- was caught up, as he would often recall later, in the disaster that followed.