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The Flat Belly Formula

by princy william (2019-05-08)

If you look at the facts and The Flat Belly Formula Review wipe away all of the misconceptions and lies, then weight loss is not hard at all. People get fat and overweight for very simple reasons, they simple consume more calories, then they are able to burn and all the extra calories are stored as body fat. So weight loss can only happen if you burn more calories, then you take in. Knowing the correct intake to lose weight for women and also men is very important. A big problem that too many people face, when they reduce their calories, to lose weight, is reducing calories too much and too quickly. When you reduce calories too much, then actually your body starts to fight against you and holds on to the fat. It happens because the less calories you take in, the less energy your body gets and when you reduce calories below this critical level, then your body fights back. Being too strict is also not helpful, if you want to lose weight successfully. One of the most popular ways to determine the right calorie intake to lose weight, is to multiply your body weight with 12-13 calories. So if you weight for example 175 pounds, then your daily calorie intake should be about 2100 calories. This is a very simple method, but it is not the most accurate. A much better and more accurate way to determine your calorie intake to lose weight, is to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and then multiply this with your activity factor. Quick example Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)= 370 + (21.6 X lean mass in kilograms) So if you weigh 175 pounds for example, then this would be 79.5 kilograms. Using this simple formula we would find out that your BMR is 2087 calories. We also have to take into account your activity level as well. If you are sedentary and do not exercise at all then you have to multiply your BMR with 1.2, if you are lightly active, then with 1.375, if you are moderately active, then with 1.5, if you are very active, then with 1.725 and if you are extremely active then with 1.9. Weight lifting is a very under-estimated way to lose weight. Most people believe that weight lifting is only for people who want to get stronger and for bodybuilders. That is why cardio exercises are considered the best way to lose weight, but in fact weight lifting in reality can be more effective, then cardio itself. First of all, people make a very big mistake right from the beginning, because they have a goal of losing weight, which is not very accurate. The real goal for everyone should be to lose fat and maintain muscle, because muscle is your best friend against fat.