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Advanced Cardio Rx

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-06)

If you have recently been told by your doctor that Advanced Cardio Rx your cholesterol readings are high and you need to bring them down, then making some simple changes in your diet that include cholesterol lowering recipes is the best way to go. You see, it is a irrefutable fact that for most individuals, the best way to reduce cholesterol levels is by cutting way back on the amounts of saturated fats that you consume while increasing the amounts of foods that lower high cholesterol. When you prepare cholesterol lowering recipes, center them around vegetables and whole grains rather than beef and pork. Look for some lower fat substitutes for these meats such as turkey and chicken. Fish is also very important when looking for natural ways to reduce cholesterol. Vegetables and whole grains are wonderful foods that lower cholesterol because of their high fiber content as well as the amounts of plant sterols they contain. Be sure to load up on these in the meals that you prepare. Personally, when I was working to reduce my cholesterol levels I found that a structured diet plan that included many delicious recipes was important. The South Beach diet for instance, provides many cholesterol lowering recipes even though it is not specifically designed as a diet to reduce high cholesterol. I found that the recipes were enjoyable enough that I wanted to stay on the plan, and included many of the foods that lower high cholesterol along with an elimination of most foods that contain high amounts of saturated fat. Are you asking "how can I lower my cholesterol?" Have you recently learned that you are at risk for heart disease due to high cholesterol levels? Did you know that the best way to lower your high cholesterol is not medication? Let's take a look at why I say this. In an article I recently read, a doctor discussed the side effects he experienced from the same medications that he recommends to his patients. Due to the side effects, he had turned to natural ways to lower cholesterol which turned out to be extremely effective for. As a matter of fact, he indicated that the results he got from changes in diet and increasing his exercise actually were better than what most of his patients received from the medication.