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Advanced Cardio Rx

by gold stone (2019-05-06)

All these symptoms signify there Advanced Cardio Rx Review is an excess of acid in your stomach which is not getting used up for digesting the food you eat. This acid then moves up into your food pipe and can even reach your mouth, which causes all the symptoms we have just seen.Many people make the mistake of thinking these are just minor problems which do not need serious attention. Fact is - acid reflux is just a signal the body is giving about some deeper problem. The mismatch in the acid and alkaline content in the stomach should not be taken lightly.If these symptoms continue for long, then they can lead to extensive damage to the stomach lining and can burn holes in it. The acid can also cause inflammation in the esophagus and ultimately even lead to cancer.Just popping in a few antacids or an over the counter is not going to provide you lasting relief. These medicines can work well as a stop gap arrangement, but you need to think long term and look for a permanent cure for this reflux.The good news is - it's really not difficult to do this once you know how. Although traditional medicine cannot help you beyond the antacids designed to suppress the symptoms only, nature does have the answer for acid symptoms.By taking the right foods, restoring the balance in your stomach and doing some specific exercises for your stomach muscles, you can actually cure this problem once and for all.Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a condition that affects up to 20% of the Americans. But in spite of its widespread presence, the causes of IBS are still unknown. By that I mean scientifically determined. However, there are a few theories that try to pinpoint the causes of IBS based on certain experiments that people have undergone by themselves and on themselves. Being their own guinea pigs, so to say. Here we present these theories.According to this theory on possible causes of IBS, fungal infection in the gut flora is responsible for the IBS. The explanation is that the fungal infection leads to abnormal production of digestive enzymes and chemical substances that stimulate intestinal activity and irritate the lining of the intestines. The results are the IBS symptoms, like abdominal cramping and hyper-motility (abnormal movement).