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Stockholm Personal Diet Plans

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-04)

That is all there is to it. Just eat good food, exercise Stockholm Personal Diet Plans Review every day and you will lose weight slowly and safely. No fast weight loss and sagging skin, no yo-yo diets and health problems, no giving up. Then it will not take too long to become the one person out of six who has lost weight and stayed that way. Most people want to lose weight fast. Maybe there is a wedding in a few weeks or a party or a holiday and they want to lose 20 pounds or more quickly. There are diets available that promise just that. You might succeed. It will be bad for your health and your skin will shrink more slowly than your body so you will look like a prune, but you might achieve your aim. Then you will stop the diet and the weight will come straight back on again. Which might be bad news for the person you just married as well as for yourself. So let us be realistic about this. A two year old child weighs 20 pounds. So you have asked your body to burn the weight of a two year old child in just a few weeks. Put like that it may sound more of a challenge. It might help to know what your crash diet is doing to your body. At first there will be a loss of weight continuing for a few days and you will be celebrating. You are using up your body's limited supply of glycogen. As you lose glycogen you lose water and that explains the rapid weight loss. You are also risking dehydration, possible gallstone problems will come later. The body then goes into starvation mode and you start losing muscle as well as fat. Now the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism. So by losing muscle your body slows down its metabolism in order to survive with less food. Which means that your weight loss slows down. You may also find that you are suffering from headaches, irritability, fatigue, insomnia and diarrhoea. Not necessarily all at once, but even one or two is not very pleasant. At this point you could well give up and you will then put back whatever weight you lost. 'Only about one in every six Americans who have been overweight or obese loses weight and maintains that loss' (Penn State College of Medicine). Now we know why.