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Neuro Revive

by mary bose (2019-04-29)

I think my dentist is on to me. Over the past year Neuro Revive Review/ I have noticed an increase in their efforts to remind me of my appointments.In the good old days I would get a postcard two weeks before the appointment reminding me of the day and time. I really appreciated this as most of my dentist appointments were made six months out when I actually had no idea of what I would be doing at that time. Next came the reminder phone calls about two days before. More recently this has progressed to also include several email messages and a text that asks me to hit reply to confirm I will be there.All good as far as I am concerned and having a business myself that struggles to find ways to remind clients of appointments, I have to appreciate their persistence. Which got me thinking about all the other polite, conscientious people out there who would never purposefully miss an appointment (in other words most people I know with ADHD.only to read a text or pick up a ringing phone to hear that they are an hour late to their 2 o'clock dental cleaning.So if you, like other people with ADHD, find you are nervous to show your face at your dentist or doctor's office, in case you might have been put on their "naughty list" and charged "missed" fees for all those forgotten appointments, here are a few hints to help you make, remember and actually get to your appointments.Why is it so hard to keep appointments The thing is, making and actually getting to appointments tops the list of challenges for many people with ADHD. In fact, it ranks right up there with such ADHD challenges as procrastination, staying organized and handling paperwork.