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Arctic Blast

by mary bose (2019-04-27)

In the two decades since I began practicing bodywork, Arctic Blast Review/ I have been asked this question (at least a thousand times, literally) by my clients who are coming to me for the first time. "How long do you think it will take for my condition to be gone, healed, etc"? My answer is, "If you have been on the planet 60 years, you have been in gravity 500,000 hours! Do the math!" It took time for this pattern to arise in your electromagnetic field, and, it will take some time for it to dissipate. Because many or nearly most of those who practice in my genre can't bill under third party insurance for chronic pain issues, or for any challenge that is brought to our "massage tables" for that matter, we have built our practice on the efficacy of our discipline and the word of mouth marketing that ensues with our successes.There are concepts in physics that relate our structure to a liquid crystalline matrix. Physical, emotional and environmental force vectors enter our electromagnetic field and are held in it until they are resolved. So, a bicycle crash at 8 years of age can still be present in the matrix(body) of a 40 year old, and energy is still being used to hold that biokinetic force until it is resolved. So therefore, chronic pain issues are often related to a trauma that occurred years before, like a severe whiplash, an overbearing parent, or an emotional event like war. Our bodily systems in many ways are similar to a watery, pliable, gel like structure. Forces that effect our organism change the structure down to the microscopic level. It is a held resonant frequency within an electromagnetic field.