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by gold stone (2019-04-27)

The growth in one's career Zen12 Review depends upon the social network one is part of. With strong social network the learning becomes faster and one is in a position to deliver so that much to the society. Professionally or for that matter personally, the progress to our goals become so much easier if one is having a strong support system. Today we find very little time to socialize and spend times with near and dear ones. The success of so many social networking web portals bear testimony to the fact that support from co workers, colleagues, coaches is of paramount importance in growth and career of an individual. Research has also proved that families who have strong bonding stays together can ward off any disaster with consummate ease compared to families who doesn't bond well.Important factor here is to develop and build a support system which can lead you through the tough times. It is not that if you are capable, you will not be able to reach the pinnacle of success. You will definitely be able to achieve the success but the important fact is that success will be all the sweeter if you have a family or an association to share your success with.One of the oldest game in the world is the game of money whether you realize or not. Since the creation of money, the game had started. Everyone is the player, no exceptions even the Tibetan monks have to involve with the game without realize it.The game of money is the game of survival for most people. Before money was created the only thing that people concerned was about the survival; "My kid is sick, is he going to survive?", "Oh my God the tiger is coming!", "Where to find food today?", the mentality was simpled: 'How to survive'. When gold and silver were introduced as the medium of exchange, the game was officially on.Like every sports or games we knew, the game is simple, who has the most money is the winner. The real question is not how much money you have is important but how you play the game is the real thing. They are few ways of playing it according to which class you are. Usually this is the pattern or example how each level of society plays the game: Using their labor to generate money, when pay check arrive, the money their earn is theoretically finished. The small fraction of money is saved for the retirement. This process is on and on and on until the retirement day is coming. Some the retirement day is never coming. Sometimes the saved money is 'disappearing' and the lucky one have the saved money increase a bit.