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No BS Manifesting Course

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-27)

Now put the remaining items into No BS Manifesting Course Review the "Some Urgency" column and number them in order of importance.Realize that it is highly likely you will not complete the list today, and maybe not even this week. The important thing though is to handle the most important items first and to keep your attention primarily on those items in the first column, and secondarily those at the top of the second column.t would probably be helpful to use this technique to revise the list at the end of the day. This will help you be clear on what you got done on that day, and to get your next day's agenda in order. Preparing in advance for each day will also help you make the best use of your time. Be sure to keep your highest priorities at the top of the list at all time. Being clear on tomorrow's priorities also contributes to more restful sleep too!Realize that you can take short breaks (of defined lengths) when you need to. Deciding to sit down for a 15 minute treat works great, as long as you end your break exactly on time. It will give you renewed energy to complete the items on your list.Understand that you may never get your list done - because you keep adding items to it. Don't turn this into a problem. Simply keep rearranging the list by priority every night. Most of us are very busy nowadays. It is part of modern life. Don't overwhelm yourself with this fact. Just accept it and work with it rather than resisting it.Be clear in advance about which items absolutely, positively MUST be done on a given day. Do whatever it takes to get them done on that day, preferably as early as possible in the day. If you are clear the night before about what those items are, hopefully that will get you up a little earlier if you need the time.Get as much done as early as you can. Doing this gives you a burst of energy to finish more items on the list before the day is done.Know when to quit.