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Arctic Blast

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-27)

Beliefs are not good Arctic Blast Review or bad in themselves, they may be helpful or unhelpful in a context, empowering or limiting. Having beliefs themselves is not optional they are the brain's way of simplifying the business of managing a huge amount of information quickly and with the best chance of having you survive from one day to the next. They may not be optional but they can be changed, updated and amended.Most deep therapeutic work is about updating unhelpful or limiting beliefs. The therapy du jour in the UK is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which uses rational means to challenge and hopefully update limiting beliefs. This is changing the belief at the level of thought, NLP, EFT and other processes also have ways of helping you reframe or change limiting beliefs.Underneath the thought of a belief is the feeling of a belief. The emotional charge that goes with the belief is the glue that holds the belief in place, if you can soften the glue then the belief becomes much more malleable. NLP and EFT have techniques that address the feelings of the belief. Since beliefs are formed throughout life by significant emotional experiences, some beliefs carry a very strong charge of emotion especially if these beliefs were created in traumatic circumstances. In these cases this is where EFT and NLP shine in reducing the emotional charge and the strength of a belief at the same time.