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Becoming Limitless

by mary bose (2019-04-26)

you think you really know me - my faults Becoming Limitless Review/ and my strengths, my history and my goals, my fears, and my desires and yes, all the pain and disappointments, failures and troubles and yes, achievements I have had? Well, I have news for you - I don't really know you and you will never really know me. Let me ask you - do any of us really know anyone? Will we ever really know anyone? Can we ever really know anyone? The answers are; no, no and NO. Don't believe me.I am not going to bore you with my past history of failure and success, pain and achievement and desires and disappointments and I am not going to ask you to share all of yours with me on our honeymoon, when we meet for dinner, sit side by side at a meeting or meet as strangers passing in the night, but suffice it to say we all have a history that no one and I mean no one will ever know everything there is to know about what makes us "us". Having spoken to over a million people in twenty-five countries I know what it feels like to be judged by others the way have no right (keep reading) to do so. But I digress.Why is so much the world so judgmental today acting as if they are perfect and not flawed or we are not worthy of their respect, compassion, and understanding Ever met someone, a; homeless person, millionaire, politician, younger person or someone in their final years and decided because of your interpretation of their circumstances they did not deserve your time, interest, compassion or respect? Ever met someone who had it all and because they did, they became your idol and your future.