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by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-26)

Doctors of traditional medicine HydraLyft Review know that excess stomach acid makes the skin sensitive (and sometimes the joints more achy). I have observed this condition for more than two decades. People who eat a lot of oranges and citrus fruits, as well as sour foods such as vinegar, pickles, olives, pineapples and mangoes, frequently suffer from sensitive skin. They suffer itching in different parts of the body and, in some extreme cases get rashes. My hunch is that your itching is more likely to be diet-related than hormonal.Sometimes the fungal infection candida can cause itching. If the candida penetrates the gut lining it enters the blood vessels - these toxins are too large to be eliminated through the kidneys, so they are dumped in the skin and sinuses.(That's why non-infectious chronic sinus problems respond if the gut is treated). Toxins in the skin can cause irritation and itchiness.Such a chronic problem often disturbs the mind. We have pains and other discomforts all the time. But if you get stressed and hypersensitive, these symptoms can seem more significant and bother you so badly that, as in your case, you scratch until your skin bleeds. My suggestion is to scratch the skin gently instead: it will give the same effect. What you are trying to achieve with scratching is to improve the blood flow so that the whatever irritates the nerve endings gets recycled. The sweat or sebaceous glands in the skin can then eliminate the toxins better.For a beautiful glowing skin, exfoliation should be made of the regular parts of any skin regiment, yet choosing exactly what product is right for your dear skin can be rather daunting. Revitol Skin Exfoliator with Oatmeal contains nothing but natural substances, therefore nothing that can do you any harm. The cream helps to purify the damaged skin resulting in skin rejuvenation.